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With temperatures continuing to drop throughout the UK, it is evident that winter is coming. It’s that time of the year once again when chilly mornings and freezing nights are upon us.  Wondering how to get through the long winter? Having a luxurious bathroom in South East London can be a reason to get out of the bed in cold mornings!

Bathroom South East London

Bespoke bathrooms, particularly designed with your individual needs, can be a fantastic way to get through the winter. Having an impeccable space can enable you to enjoy a moment of luxury every day. Redesigning your washroom into a warm space means that you’ll have a place to unwind after a long day. Getting a bespoke bathroom installed by a specialist fitter can thus keep you warm through the chilly months. But, how do you keep the space warm?

Here are a few useful tips on how to make your washroom a warmer space.

Top Tips To Make Your Bespoke Bathroom In South East London A Warm Retreat Through Winter

1. A Revitalising Shower Experience

There’s nothing more refreshing than experiencing an invigorating shower. Waking up with a massage from an energising power shower can get you ready for the day. It’s true that leaving the nice warm bed on chilly mornings is tough. But, having a revitalising shower to step into makes it easier to wake up.

2. Add Festive Lights To Set The Mood

Another excellent way to make your washroom a warm retreat is setting the perfect mood with festive lighting. Consider channelling the magic of winter with candles, lowlights and underwater mood lights. Installing festive lights will help you create your own wonderland in the washroom. To enjoy a sensory experience, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil.

3. Set Up A Heated Towel Rack

Installing a heated towel rail is another fantastic way to keep your bathroom in South East London warm. Heated towel rails can warm your towels when you shower and also do double duty as energy-efficient room heater. No matter how small or big the space is heated tower racks are beneficial for every bathroom. What’s more, there’s a wide availability of a range of models which are capable of delivering heat whenever needed.

4. Check Your Windows

Warm air going out and chilly air coming in through windows are significant reasons for cold bathrooms. Moving your hand around the closed window frame can help you feel where the cold air is penetrating from. Experts advise using self-adhesive foam stripping to seal gaps. Not only will this keep your washroom warm, but also help in saving money on energy bills.

5. Incorporate Antiques

If you wish to have a vintage space, this is your go-to option. The well-worn shine of a classic piece of wooden furniture can add personality and warmth to every bathroom. Regardless of the weather outside, antiques are capable of keeping your bathroom warm. So, you can be assured of a relaxing bathing experience when you add antiques to your washroom.

So what are you still pondering over? Get a bespoke bathroom installed and keep the above factors in mind to get through the winter season!